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Danielle Allan - Soft Tissue Massage Therapist & Owner

When self-management is combined with expertly applied evidenced-based biomedical treatments, outcomes can be dramatically improved and the patients is less dependent on the health care system. Our 'whole person' approach embracing patient-centred health care paradigms that foster responsibility, education, motivation, self-efficacy, social support, strong provider-patient relationships, and long-term change will encourage a passive, dependent patient to become an empowered, engaged, and educated patient.

Danielle provides Soft Tissue Therapy to individuals, sporting groups and professional teams.

Since graduating from the University of Westminster, London, Danielle has been contracted by The Premier League Football Club West Ham United and League One First Team Wycombe Wanderers to provide massage therapy support during home game fixtures. In 2016 she opened The ProActive Massage Clinic in Bloomsbury, (central) and also has a practice in Henley-on-Thames (West London). She also treats students at the Central School of Ballet aiding performance during training practice and tours.

Danielle's approach to treatment is to determine the origin of the muscle/postural imbalance creating the clients symptoms not just temporarily relieve those symptoms when they present themselves. Danielle is undoing the "no pain no gain" reputation of Deep Tissue Massage with her uniquely relaxing yet effective massage style - " as muscles respond best in a relaxed state and is key to re-establish a healthy muscle memory for optimal long-term recovery or injury/surgery prevention". She will work with you to determine the appropriate therapy and rehabilitation plan to keep you moving comfortably. It is her aim for the client to also confidently prevent and manage their own symptoms outside of the treatment room so homecare advice is provided as standard.

Danielle’s clientele includes professional sports players, Students, parents, grandparents, business professionals, semi-pro athletes, gym members, UCL & SOAS University athletics’ club members (cyclists, power lifters and runners, both track and cross country) and London Marathon participants of all running levels. In 2015 Danielle was enlisted by the Head Therapist of the Saracens Rugby team for the Rugby World Cup where she treated the Argentina team who then went on to do very well and most recently had the privilege of treating Scotland preparing them for their an historic Calcutta Cup victory in their Guinness Six Nations opener!

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Treatments for

  • Upper & lower back pain
  • Neck & shoulder pain
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Muscle strains
  • Sprain injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Shin splints
  • Whiplash
  • Poor muscle activation
  • Muscle compensation patterns
  • Muscle imbalance
  • Postural problems
  • RSI (repetitive strain injury)
  • Chronic pain
  • Tiredness & stress
  • Headache & migraine
  • Sciatica

Specialist treatments

  • Sports massage
  • Deep-tissue massage
  • Soft tissue release
  • Muscle energy technique
  • Gait analysis
  • Posture assessment
  • Home care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Stretching technique
  • Exercise prescriptions

About The Proactive Massage Clinic

At The ProActive Massage Clinic we are dedicated to the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and management of musculoskeletal problems both chronic and acute for athletes and non athletes.

For the Athletes and the active individual,Most athletes will experience an injury of some kind, whether its a sprain or strain which without proper treatment can become a recurring weakness creating long-term problems. We specialise in optimising your sporting performances. A Sports Massage will ensure your power is not lost and tired muscles remedied ready for the next training session or event. We tailor the treatment to your specific sporting profession, whatever your level, and help prevent injury by ensuring the correct muscles are conditioned, and detect harmful imbalances developing.

How we can help non athletes. Postural imbalances affect everyone from all working and lifestyle habits. Symptoms of back-aches and hip and shoulder, neck and hip pains are most commonly treated because of a number of contributing factors e.g. long hours at a desk or travelling. Other ongoing symptoms of musculoskeletal disease can be remedied such as arthritis affecting joints, spinal degeneration can be relieved and managed with this holistic non-pharmacutacl and non surgical treatment of Soft Tissue Massage Therapy. Whether you have a new injury, suffering from a pre-existing condition or ongoing postural aches and pains, ProActive Massage Clinic will work with you to determine the appropriate therapy and rehabilitation plan to keep you doing what you do, pain-free.

Enjoy a relaxing yet effective treatment knowing you will be provided with all the tools you need to continue to progress your own rehab and injury prevention with your tailored homecare advice.


  • Level 5 BTEC Diploma in Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy

  • Seated chair massage

  • First Aid Certificate holder

  • REPs 3 Personal Training

  • REPs 4 GP Exercise Referral Scheme Provider

  • Nutritional Adviser

  • Back Pain Specialist & Posture Corrective Exercise prescription

  • SMA (Sports Massage Association) – Level 5 Member of the Sport Massage Association

  • Balens – Full practitioner insurance

Our Approach & Facilities

We understand the contraindications that pathological conditions and disease can have on maintaining healthy regular exercise routines. Working to not only treat symptoms but to address the body globally and incorporate a tailored treatment plan which complement the manual therapy and nutritional efforts. With our interactive Telehealth system, you can access your prescribed homecare treatment advice from anywhere while using the app on your mobile device or computer where we can remotely in between appointments check in on your progress and make adjustments if required to further optimise your long-term results.

Our Locations

We boast multiple locations to choose from our original clinic based in the real heart of London in Marylebone, in the picturesque town of Henley-on-Thames and in Havering’s Historic Market town of Greater London - all our clinics are well equipped and a pleasure to visit with each located within multidisciplinary healthcare hubs offering comfortable surroundings and a friendly reception ensuring our strong patient focused values are upheld. All our clinics are a stone’s throw from their respective high streets and are well connected by public transport links.

About the Session

Initial Consulation and assessments

As a first visit it is recommended to book 60mins to allow for a full initial consultation and assessment along with your massage treatment. A longer treatment time may be needed if you have an extensive medical history with more than one-two areas of concern.


This is dependent on your individual case but can include, posture, movement pattern and gait assessments, palpation, joint range of motion and muscle testing but will always include an in depth consultation covering your treatment goals, medical history, lifestyle and regular activities, general health and specific history of any presenting symptoms.

This process is essential to getting the most out of your treatments, enabling us to form a treatment plan together of how best to help you with your goals. Often the area of discomfort is not the only area that needs addressing and a thorough assessment can point us towards the root cause, helping to resolve the issue long term.

If at any point we establish that another form of therapy would be complimentary or more effective, I will refer you accordingly.

Subsequent sessions will only require a brief reassessment of key areas and a quick chat about things have been since your last session. 

This is done to monitor progress and ensure the treatment plan is progressing in the best way possible, or to redirect our efforts if necessary. 


This can involve a wide array of advanced sports and remedial massage techniques, any of which will be explained at your request.

Depending on your individual needs and preference this may be quite active, or a deeply relaxing treatment.

Please speak up if an adjustment can be made to make you more comfortable; if you are too cold, do not feel covered enough, require more or less pressure etc.

To get the best results from your treatment, communication really is key. Your feedback to me during the session will enable me to constantly fine tune the work being done.

Homecare Advice

After the treatment we will talk about what you can do to help yourself get better results quicker. In almost all cases, some sort of homecare activity will be demonstrated and given. This will be tailored to you and your activity levels and may include, gym based exercises or simple stretches and exercises you can do at home, and modifications to your regular activities.

These will be monitored on a session-by-session basis and adjusted when necessary.

It is the ProActive Massage Policy to provide our clients with the tools necessary to leave the client confident in their own abilities of self care.

Open Daily

7am - 8pm Weekdays

11am - 5pm Weekends*